What makes a perfect pair of kids’ rain boots?

What makes a perfect pair of kids’ rain boots?

A few things make for a bad rain boot. Leaks are an obvious dealbreaker, but beware of styles that don’t fit your feet comfortably right out of the box, because rubber doesn’t stretch easily.
Aside from those two points, most rain boots fall somewhere on a spectrum of functionality, and there are things you can look for that will indicate what level of quality you’re getting.
In 2018, the editors interviewed D’Wayne Edwards, the founder of the Pensole Footwear Design Academy, and he had a few things to say about finding boots that last:
  • Look for boots that have a hearty seam seal between the sole and upper; this is one of the major features that make the boots waterproof. And “a really good rain boot is fully injected as one whole unit, which means that there is no room for water to seep in because there’s no seams, there’s no cement, there’s no separation of one in two pieces—it’s all one piece,” said Edwards.
  • For increased durability, choose a boot made from latex or rubber. Lower-quality boots are often made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which can crack and warp over time and with use, though it’s often cheaper and lighter than rubber or latex.
  • A weighty boot is an indication of quality because the maker has likely poured a thicker rubber to create it. “By making it thicker, it adds a bit more weight and body to it so it ultimately will last you a whole lot longer than if you had just the super-cheap, thin, polyurethane kind of a rain boot,” said Edwards.
  • In addition, Edwards said, “With some of the higher-quality boots you’ll find more of a traditional cloth lining on the inside.”
A pair of fully waterproof shoes can be liberating. They let you move through the world unhindered, without any consideration for the mess around your feet.
Although they’re particularly useful if you live where wet weather is common, rain boots are practical for all types of places. They remain effective long after the drops stop falling, especially when you have mud in place of dirt, slush instead of snow, or slick subway platforms.
Rain boots can be much more useful than we thought. That may be why selecting a pair of durable and comfortable rain boots for you and your kids can be of that importance. 



By Eve O'Neill

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