The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids - FUNCOO PLUS Recommendations

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids - FUNCOO PLUS Recommendations

Valentine’s Day revolves around celebrating love, with various traditions cherished by children. Some enjoy exchanging cards with friends and family, while others find joy in baking cookies or preparing special breakfasts. Though gifts are optional, they add to the holiday's excitement. Unlike Christmas, where miracles are anticipated, Valentine's Day is synonymous with hearts, flowers, chocolate, candy, and stuffed animals—favorites among kids.

Enchanting Chalk

We're particularly drawn to the XOXO design from this year's Valentine’s Day-themed sets. These larger, faceted hearts offer a satisfying grip. However, it's worth noting that these chalks are best suited for asphalt and concrete rather than chalkboards. They're denser than typical sidewalk chalk, making them sturdier and less prone to breakage, but they require a gritty surface to bring out their vibrant colors.

Books Celebrating Family Love

As one of two mothers raising a relentlessly curious preschooler, I value picture books that celebrate the diverse forms families can take. Among our favorites is "Love Makes a Family" (recommended for ages 2 to 6), a board book that defines love through everyday activities. "My Family, Your Family" (ages 5 to 8) showcases various family structures, including those with grandparents or adoptive parents. "Who’s in My Family: All About Our Families" (ages 3 to 7) explores the different family dynamics in an informative yet engaging manner. "The Family Book" (infants to age 3) by Todd Parr offers a lighthearted take on family diversity, while "And I Love Us! A Book About Family" (infants to age 3) encourages self-appreciation with a fill-in family tree and a mirror at the end.

Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

A classic box of chocolates can be a delightful indulgence on Valentine's Day, especially for kids. Gold-foil-covered milk chocolate balls and milk chocolate peanut butter cups are popular choices. For children with more refined tastes, consider sharing your Valentine’s treats with them.

Adorable Plush Toys

London-based Jellycat is renowned for its cuddly plush toys, such as the Bashful Beige Bunny and Fuddlewuddle Pig. These make charming Valentine’s Day gifts, along with the classic Kai bear from Gund. The Snuffles teddy is another endearing option for a sweet gesture.

FUNCOO PLUS Pink Rain Boots

Looking for a practical yet heartwarming Valentine's Day gift? Treat your little one to a pair of pink rain boots! These not only keep tiny toes dry but also add a touch of Valentine's Day charm to every step. Whether splashing in puddles or strolling hand in hand, these boots serve as a sweet reminder of your love.

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic partners; it's also an opportunity to express love to all your loved ones.

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