How to select a pair of perfect kids’ snow boots to keep their toes warm all winter

How to select a pair of perfect kids’ snow boots to keep their toes warm all winter

We might not have had another Beast from the East since 2018 but predictions are that the winter of 2023 will be a cold one. So whether you (or the kids) are hoping for snow, or you’re planning to head off to more wintry climes, snow boots will be needed for parks and pistes alike this winter, and the good news is we’ve got you covered.

When buying a pair for the kids, no matter what their age, it’s worth going a half or a full size up. This is because not only are they likely to be worn with thick, insulated socks but the likelihood is they’ll be running around in them and playing in the snow, and hot feet expand.

Secondly, think about the lacing system. If they’re going to be switched for snow boots on the slopes, you need easy on-and-off mechanisms and if they’re being used in the park make sure they’ll stay tight and cozy, and not come undone or get leaf litter in the Velcro.

What’s also needed to be noticed is the antiskid soles. There are no kids who can resist the great fun of snow play. And while they’re jumping, running, or dancing, we can prepare super skid-resistant winter boots for them and might help them win the snow battle! 

No matter what your winter plans are, make sure your little and big kids alike are prepared and ready. To keep our kids’ little feet happy and dry, let’s pick some solid and high-quality snow boots. FUNCOO winter boots combine all the advantages above and will become your unregretable choice!

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by Clare O'Reilly

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